Launched my own website where I post my work!

2014-08-31 03:19:44 by Breezee

I'm alive and well!

I can't post the majority of work I do on here because it's for other artists. You guys should check it out at

And follow me on soundcloud if you got one! 


Uploaded 2 new metal tracks.

2013-05-05 04:35:31 by Breezee

Check it out if you like to get down.


2013-04-28 15:01:52 by Breezee

I need to put up some new material.

Hey Everyone! About myself.

2012-06-13 00:15:43 by Breezee

My name is Jason Walsh. I write and record music for a living as an independent producer. I currently attend Berklee College of Music as a dual major in Music Production and Engineering and Electronic Production and Design. I'm really into all styles of music, anything, you name it! I also do 2-D graphic design for advertising as a hobby.
I joined Newgrounds because I thought it would be an awesome experience to meet other great media creators, and to dive further into my craft and write music of any kind for game makers or animators out there.